5 Ways Live Chat Has Revolutionized Online Customer Service


Most leading online businesses today offer a live chat function for their customers. Customers love live chat, but businesses can also benefit in a number of ways. Discover five of the many ways that live chat has revolutionized online customer service.

1. Live Chat Cuts the Cost of Customer Service

Although live chat is greatly preferred by customers, it is typically the cheapest option for businesses. This is because one customer service agent can communicate with multiple consumers at a time.

2. Live Chat Helps Customers Feel Connected to the Brand

Sending an email or filling in a contact form feels robotic to many customers. Live chat, however, helps to create a connection between customer and company.

3. Live Chat Eliminates the Wait

Customers interested in making a purchase want real time interaction. With live chat, customer service issues or sales can be resolved in seconds.

4. Live Chat Allows for Better Monitoring and Analysis

Since live chat can be tracked, it is easy to analyze key sticking points for conversions. Companies with live chat have a simpler time determining what prevents customers from completing a purchase.

5. Live Chat Can Be a Means of Proactive Sales

Live chat can be initiated by customers as well as company representatives. If something sits in the cart or basket too long, live chat can help encourage a sale.

These five reasons represent just a few of the countless ways that live chat can revolutionize a company’s online customer service.