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How A Multilingual Customer Service Widens Your Lead Base

Multilingual Customer Service

Your business’s online presence exposes itself to various people from different nationalities of which many are potential customers. However, not all are well versed with the English language and this may cause problems communicating with your leads and can force some to give up.

As a matter of fact, the majority of internet users aren’t native English speakers: according to Internet World Statistics, only 25.3% of total internet users were native English speakers in December 2017. Furthermore, approximately 2.7 billion people on the internet are from non-native English speaking countries. Guess what? That’s a lot more leads you would like to nurture.

Wondering how?
With the help of a multilingual customer service software like Slaask, you can interact with many potential customers from all over the world in their native languages.

Here’s how it widens your lead base:

It Attracts More Website Visitors

A multilingual customer service on your website attracts visitors from different nationalities as the Internet is a global marketplace. Well, most of these are qualified leads as they are already impressed with your services in their own languages.

Look at this: according to research by Common Sense Advisory, 72.1% of customers spend most of their time on websites in their own languages. More so, 72.4% of customers said they are more likely to buy a product with information in their own languages. Imagine having a customer support team with over 20 different languages, it’s a move to attract leads from over 20 nationalities.

It Widens Your Market Reach

One of your business secrets to winning more leads is expansion and with a multilingual customer service software, you can easily break into new markets. These new markets are associated with new leads because of the satisfying engagement with them in their native languages.

Best of all, having a multilingual customer service attracts leads online and provides them with a better customer experience that drives them to make a buying decision.

It Builds Trust Quickly with Visitors

Your visitors are always influenced to buy by the level of trust they have in your business as they naturally fear dealing with people they don’t know. However, providing them with magical experiences like approaching them in their own languages makes them feel at home and attracts more leads online for your business.

Want to know the best part? By seeing a welcome message in their own language, your visitors intuitively start to develop trust in your business. This plays a big role in turning most of your visitors into leads before they are exposed to other offers thus widening your lead base.

Conquer Language Barriers

Communication with your leads shouldn’t be tied to one language, as the Internet gathers people from many different nationalities. Case in point, with the advance in today’s technology, there are golden opportunities of software that can help you embrace multilingual customer support at your convenience.

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