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Make Your Sorry Successful

Make Your Sorry Successful

Apologies can help to make customers feel special. Indeed, a study by Carey Business School found that adding an apology on top of compensation can increase consumer satisfaction from 37% to 74%. However, there is a way to do it well, and if you get it right, you stand a chance of not only increasing customer satisfaction, but of repairing the damage done and reducing your churn rate.

Here is some advice for your team:

Understand the Problem

It’s important that you understand your customers’ needs. You must take the time to listen to their issue before you can help them effectively. You also need to communicate that you do understand. Use active listening techniques such as repeating back to them in your own words what they have said.

Say it Out Loud

It sounds glaringly obvious but, during the heat of the moment, things can be forgotten. Make sure you actually use the word “sorry” during your conversation!

Explain Why

Being honest helps to build trust with customers, and trust makes for great long-lasting relationships. If there is an explanation for their issue, letting them know what went wrong is a good idea. Once you have done this you will want to:

Provide a Solution

It’s all well and good apologizing but what are you going to do it about it? This is why it is important to “understand the problem” as you will know what the customer wants. Different customers will want different methods of recourse. E.g. They may want a new size of shoe sent out but with the delivery charge refunded, or they may want an entire refund because the product was unsatisfactory, etc.


It’s good chat etiquette to ask this anyway, but especially important here. Make sure you ask, “Is there anything else I can help you with today?” or similar before you end a conversation. This ensures there is nothing more you can do from your side before they go and helps to make your customers feel special.

Save with Sorry

Hopefully by now you should have a better idea of how to apologize and keep your customers at the end of the day. If you lose an existing customer because of how you handled a grievance, then you have to spend more money replacing them with fresh leads; so it’s in your interest. To optimize your retention strategy, it’s important to monitor your staff’s performance and retention rate. This can easily be done when using a high-quality live support software such as Slaask. With Slaask you can easily create post-chat surveys to record consumer satisfaction levels and it offers a ton of metrics to crunch.

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