How Instant Messaging Can Increase Conversion Rates


Conversion is a universal objective for virtually every business. While there are a number of tactics and strategies you can implement to boost conversion rates, one of the most effective is to introduce instant messaging for customers. Discover how live customer chat can increase your conversion rates.

Pop-Up Chat Screens Target Interested Buyers

Instant messages can work two ways: they can let users contact customer service staff, and they can let customer service staff initiate conversations with potential customers. Pop-up chat screens can target users who have been on the website for a certain amount of time, recapturing their interest before they close the screen.

Instant Messaging Answers Questions in Real Time

Today, many potential customers and clients are willing to put in a significant amount of research before committing to a product or service. With real-time messaging, they can ask customer service agents specific questions, the answers to which might encourage them to pull the trigger and make a purchase.

Live Communication Appeals to Younger Demographics

Finally, it is important to take special note of millennials and those even younger, many of whom exclusively shop and handle customer service requests online. Companies without live chat may be at risk of alienating this entire demographic, but those with instant chat functions stay ahead of their less trendy competitors.

In these ways and countless others, instant messaging can go a long way to help businesses boost their conversion rates.