How to Boost Team Collaboration Through Slack


Slack has been called the app that will eliminate the need for email, and there is no doubt that it has the power to shake up the workplace. Through this office messaging app, collaboration and teamwork is easier than ever before. Here are some of the ways that Slack can boost team collaboration in your office or organization.

Archived Interactions

One of the biggest benefits of Slack is that it automatically archives all communication. This way, there can be no future disputes about what was said by whom. The archives are searchable, as well, which means that you can instantly find past communication rather than asking teammates directly.


Slack’s biggest benefit for many businesses is that it fosters a spirit of inclusion thanks to its inherent transparency. While private chats are available so that not all employees are bogged down with messages, the transcripts are still visible to the whole company if necessary. This makes it easier to feel included, and it allows for easier collaboration among larger teams.

Mobile Accessibility

Slack isn’t just available at the office. As a mobile app, it can be used on laptops, home desktop computers, tablets and cellphones. This 24/7 access allows for around-the-clock collaboration, and it brings together remote employees. Even when people are on different time zones, they can collaborate in real time.

Thanks to mobile accessibility, greater transparency and archived interactions, Slack has the potential to boost team collaboration in a major way.