How to Inject Brand-Reflection Personality Into Your Site’s Live Chat Experience


Implementing live chat is a savvy move for many businesses. Not only can live chat save companies money, it can add a level of connection to potential customers and give them the instant feedback they want. One fear that companies have about live chat is that the medium won’t let them properly showcase their brand personality. Here are a few ways to counteract that and inject brand-reflective personality right into your site’s live chat experience.

Create Intro Messages That Reflect Your Brand

Canned messages are sometimes frowned down upon in the live chat experience, but they can actually provide a quick and effective way to introduce the personality of the brand. Writing and programming a few introductory messages won’t detract from the human experience that customers crave, but it will serve as a way to lighten the tone, instill professionalism or achieve whatever your brand is hoping to do. A youthful surfboard sales company, for instance, might start with a casual, “Aloha! How can I help you get out on the waves?”

Choose a Writing Style and Stick to it in Live Chat

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when injecting personality into a live chat function is that it should be consistent. This is especially true when a number of customer service agents, located around the world, will be assisting in live chat. A young man in Los Angeles will undoubtedly communicate through live chat differently than an older woman living in Florida. Therefore, it is key to establish a writing style and provide that information to all customer service live chat agents. This could include a selection of greetings, common phrases to include, or recommended punctuation. Some live chat users might get a kick out of emoji use, but others might see it as an odd choice for a formal company. Set the guidelines and feel free to update them as needed, and encourage the use of words, punctuation or phrases that best reflect your company’s brand.

Select Skins, Themes and Fonts Suited to Your Brand

A simple way to instantly inject your brand’s personality into the live chat is by choosing designs that showcase the style of your company. The skins and themes of the live chat box can come in a range of colors and patterns, each of which can highlight an attribute of your company. Even the font can reflect whether you’re aiming for a serious tone or a more lighthearted exchange.

Add Photos of Customer Service Agents to the Live Chat Experience

A picture speaks a thousand words, so let photos do some of the talking on live chat. Take photos of customer service agents in a style that reflects your brand. This could be in suits or in casual clothes with a funky background. When customers see these photos, they will feel more connected through live chat, and they will also better understand your brand and image.
The live chat experience doesn’t have to be bland or robotic. With these tips, businesses can easily include brand-reflective personality into every live chat experience.