How to Use Location-based Data to Serve Your Customers Better


If you are not using location-based data when dealing with your customers, you could be missing out on key information that can lead to an improved customer experience and better sales. Location-based data simply lets you know where in the world a particular customer is located, whether that is a small neighborhood in Kansas or the heart of Paris, as well as where they have been. Here are some pivotal ways to use location-based data to better serve your customers.

Classify Your Customers

Since location-based data tells you not just where a customer is, but also where they have been, you can better classify them and target them according to likely demographic. Someone who is always in the same spot might only want local deals, but someone who is always in a new location might benefit from hotel, flight or international deals.

Integrate Geo-Precise Targeting

Geo-precise targeting is a new form of marketing that sends deals, coupons or notifications when customers get geographically close to a certain location. You could, for instance, send potential customers a coupon when they are within a mile of your store.

Communicate in the Right Language

Last, but certainly not least, is the language factor. By knowing exactly where a customer is located, you can better choose the right language of communication.

With location-based data, your business can serve customers better and enhance marketing strategies that build up your brand.