Introducing an Auto-adaptive, Multilingual Feature


Wow — we are continuously improving Slaask, and today we are very pleased to introduce a brand new feature that will interest international businesses: An auto-adaptive, multilingual feature.

By introducing this feature, we are now becoming one of the very few companies in the world to provide a truly auto-adaptive multilingual customer service app. Yes, Slaask is now perfectly suited to medium and large international companies.

If you enable this feature, your live chat’s language settings will automatically adjust to your visitor’s web browser language settings!

Main values.

Here are three of the main values of truly auto-adaptive multilingual customer service:

  • Easier configuration and management.
    • From now you can use one single live chat to address different languages, if you’d like.
  • Increased reach, overall number of conversations, and as a result, conversion and retention.
  • Increased lead and customer satisfaction.
    • It has been proven that supporting your leads and customers in their native language produces higher satisfaction rates.

Available in 20 languages.

Oh! Did we mention that it is available in 20 languages? This includes but is not limited to English, French, Japanese, Dutch, German, Russian, Finnish, Spanish, and Portuguese, covering around 95% of languages used on the web.

Including geographical variations.

And moreover, did you know that for some languages, you can find a number of geographical variations? In order to adapt to cultural differences, we have chosen to integrate several versions of the same language. Take for example Dutch spoken in Belgium vs the Netherlands, or German spoken in Germany vs Switzerland!

Yes! Here at Slaask, we know how important it is to take cultural differences into account.

Above all, you can still edit any language any time to really make it a perfect fit with your brand image! Our user interface for that is very simple, to say the least.

Want more information about this new, amazing multilingual feature? Check out our documentation!

Go for your own translation into Slaask.

By the way, if your language is not covered and you would like it to be, keep in mind that you can translate it at any time and provide us with the translation! It would be a real pleasure for us to integrate it for you to better serve your leads and customers! Just chat with us anytime to send us your very own translation!

Oh, one last thing, our technology isn’t the only thing that’s multilingual around here — so is our support! We provide 24/5 live support in 5 main languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and French! Pretty cool, right?