Let Instant Chat Become a Key Part of Your Marketing Campaign


Instant chat can be a valuable customer service tool, but it is also important to realize its potential for your upcoming marketing campaign. Whether your business is emphasizing a specific product line, setting a new tone with voice and brand image, introducing hashtags in social media or learning more about your demographic, live customer chat can help you to achieve each of these objectives.

Push Certain Products in Chat

Customer service agents can add to a successful advertising or marketing campaign by recommending certain products to online customers. For instance, a pop-up chat window might ask customers what they are looking for, and then suggest best-selling items. This might boost conversions, and it can also be a second or third reminder to customers about a product already getting air time or advertising elsewhere on the web.

Set the Tone With a Brand’s Voice

Live chat is the way that you can bring your company’s voice to life. To do so, train customer service agents to use a vernacular representative of your brand’s preferred voice.

Learning About Your Audience

Instant messaging with customers also brings in a lot of information about your audience. You might be catering to young men, for instance, but online data could show that many of your shoppers are actually women shopping for boyfriends, brothers and spouses.

Introduce Branding Hashtags

Many campaigns use hashtags as part of their overall marketing scheme. In live chat, you can introduce these hashtags to customers and encourage their use in social media.

These are just a few of the many ways that instant chat can become an integral part of your company’s next marketing campaign.