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Enjoy a dedicated channel for each conversation

For each new conversation that opens up with a lead or a customer, Slaask will automatically create a new dedicated channel right inside your Slack.

We’ve determined this to be the best way to handle inquiries, because it allows the various conversations with your leads and customers to flow seamlessly.

As soon as a conversation concludes, you can either: close the channel yourself, or, Slaask will automatically close the channel for you. We’re not going as far as saying we’ve created a perfect world or anything, but this is pretty cool!

We’re here to help you maintain the workflow you’ve already worked hard to establish.

We’ve mastered the art of knowing when to step in and when to keep out of the way.

Above all, we love to keep things simple.

Get started right now for free to see for yourself the power and simplicity of Slaask!

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