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Here are all our legal pages:

Slaask and the GDPR This page recaps everything we have implemented to become GDPR compliant and what we are still doing every day.
Terms of Use These terms state the rules which any user agrees to by using our service.
Subscription Agreement In this document, you will find all the information related to your paid subscription.
Privacy Policy This document outlines the information that you provide us with, in addition to the way we collect, use, and share these data.
Service Level Agreement This document details the Service Level Agreements for all of our paid plans.
Cookie Policy This policy provides detailed information about how and when we use cookies on Slaask.
Data Processing Agreement This document details the terms of contract to which our providers agree when conducting business with Slaask.
EU Data Protection This page lists the Frequently Asked Questions about Slaask data processing and its readiness for GDPR.
API Agreement This agreement contains all the rights and responsibilities developers and their companies are subject to when creating an app inside Slaask.
SCA Regulation This document provides detailed information about the new Strong Customer Authentication regulation taking effect on September 14th 2019.