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  • Standard
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    • Genuine Slack integration
    • Unlimited conversations
    • 24/7 human support
    • Unlimited team members
    • Fully customizable
    • Comprehensive analytics
    • Conversation flows
    • iOS and Android SDK
    • Insightful customer data
    • Unlimited surveys
    • 1 brand
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    • Facebook, Twitter operable
    • Screensharing + Video chat
    • Multilingual
    • Smart Sales Assistant (bot)
    • Secure help desk (https)
    • Automated messaging
    • 50+ seamless integrations
    • 2 brands
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  • Enterprise
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    • 1 account manager
    • Service-level agreement
    • Unlimited brand coverage
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Top questions about pricing

What counts as a "conversation" for Slaask?

In reality, to achieve a "conversation" you need: 1) a starting point, 2) at least one interested party, 3) a live back-and-forth interaction and 4) an ending point. As in real life, for Slaask, a "conversation" is comprised of these four elements. If one or more of these elements is out of the equation, then it is not viewed as a "conversation" by Slaask.

What are Slaask's key benefits?

We describe Slaask as an "invisible app". This means that Slaask is totally invisible as far as most of your team members will be concerned. In other words: no deployment cost, no learning curve for your team, no login friction, and fewer products to use for your organization. Your team saves precious time while boosting response time and customer satisfaction!

What makes Slaask a one-of-a-kind customer service product?

Slaask focuses solely on Slack, which makes the Slaask team not only experts in customer communication but also experts on all things Slack. This means that Slaask is a truly unique product because, consequently, it has been deeply and expertly integrated into Slack. Think of it as "customer communication" injected right into the heart of Slack.

Does Slaask connect to external services?

Connected with the most innovative tools used today, Slaask is able to link to all the solutions (CRM, Ticketing, Emailing, Payment, FAQ, Artificial Intelligence solutions) that keep your business running. This includes Hubspot, Salesforce, Nimble, HelpScout, Pipedrive, AgileCRM, Wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Zapier, and many, many others!

Are these just the costs for Slaask?

Slaask works with any Slack plan (both free and paid plans). In other words, if you’re using Slack's free plan + Slaask, your total cost will be exactly as defined above. If you’re using a Slack paid plan + Slaask, your total cost will be the Slaask’s price as defined above in addition to the price of your Slack paid plan.

That's all good and fine. But what is Slaask?

Slaask in a couple of words = "customer success," which entails the three pillars of success as defined by us: 1) turning your leads into customers, 2) keeping customer satisfaction at the top of the curve, and 3) being able to achieve this without any fuss or hacking thanks to being able to accomplish all this directly from Slack.

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