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For smb as well
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Slaask is the way to go for super-efficient:

  • Pre-sales
  • Lead-Customer
  • Bug report
  • Marketing
  • Customer
  • Feature

We are Slack

Our product, as well as our team, are hyperspecialized and 100% Slack-based.

We believe in focus. There's no other company out there as zoomed in as we are on customer messaging via Slack.

Slack is a part of our DNA. Proof of that? We are the first fully funded, fully Slack-based company in the world.

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Unify all
your customer

Interact with your leads and customers wherever they are (your site, Facebook page, Twitter page, iOS app, Android app, your mailbox, etc.) from a single point in space: Slack!

Your organization needs to be wherever your customers are, and not the other way around. If you're looking to unify customer communication and have your team operating from a single, shared control center, then Slaask is the way to go.

Here are a few of our satisfied users.

Across 86 countries, Slaask's technologies convert thousands of leads into customers every single day

Yeah. OK. But what is Slaask?

If I had to describe Slaask in a couple of words, I would go with "customer success." It's all about turning my leads into customers and then keeping my customers' satisfaction at the top of the curve, and to be able to achieve this without any fuss or hacking.

Jessica DeusJessica Deus.
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Your own

Slaask is much more than a great customer messaging app.

With Slaask, you can also create a personalized chatbot that is perfectly in line with your company's brand identity.

This bot possesses various superpowers to engage and satisfy your leads and customers around the clock.

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"With Slaask, a single line of code adds some definitely interesting tools to your company website/apps and to your Slack." John biggs @techcrunch

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