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Have you set up your Slaask Timetable yet? 👀

Have you set up your Slaask Timetable yet?

Howdy! 🙂

Have you set up your Slaask Timetable yet?

We’re always trying to save you precious time so our Timetable feature is so easy to use! 🌟

You can find the Timetable feature under Routing (the feature that allows you to decide how your conversations are dispatched to your team members) in the left-hand side menu. 😁

On the Timetable page, you can set your team’s timetable, to adjust Slaask’s behavior automatically. You can also set exceptional days-off for your team thanks to this page! 🙌

Check out Timetables!


In parallel to both of these options, you can also define individual timetables for each of your team members. 🎊

Check out Timetables!


Thanks to the Timetable feature, Slaask adapts its behavior automatically. Making your life easier and your customer’s! 😌

Feel free to drop us a message to let us know what you think of our Timetable feature! We love hearing from you! 😍

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