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Slaask And Artimization Have Decided to Join in a Win-win Partnership

After many thrilling discussions with Haris Siddique, co-founder of Artimization and Head of Business Development, Slaask and Artimization have decided to join in a win-win partnership for the enhancement of customer communication inside and outside of Pakistan. Pakistan’s economy is the 25th largest in the world,  comparable in size to that of Egypt or The Netherlands.


Artimization is a global digital marketing company, a leader in their country. The aim is to establish strategic business connections with like-minded people who have similar goals and are passionate about growth, efficiency, and effective results.  


Slaask is the customer service app for all Slack users, bringing your whole team (and clients!) together in the same place for communication. In other words, Slaask enables you to chat with your leads and customers in real time, directly from Slack.

Artimization and Slaask

By aiming live communication improvement at companies all around the world, Slaask and Artimization are willing to work together to introduce Slaask to businesses looking to improve their customer services. Working with Artimization is a great opportunity for Slaask to increase brand awareness and explore undiscovered markets.

Slaask is very optimistic about this great partnership, and looks forward to fostering its development!

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