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3 Crazy Facts and 1 Trick to improve Lead Generation in the Next 20 years

3 Crazy Facts and 1 Trick to improve Lead Generation in the 20 years

As time flies, things change, businesses evolve, lead generation is transformed and people adapt. So what used to be done through word of mouth via door to door salesmen are now automated via chatbots.

Alongside that, customers are getting more and more sophisticated and as such, they are more demanding than ever before. They want results, they need to see a proven system. What does that mean for lead generation in 20 years, customers will be 20 times more demanding than they currently are. So here are three facts that you need to know about lead generation in the coming years

Fact 1: Your Leads Are Ready to Adapt

Leads globally have developed a new level of trust in the accuracy and immediacy of the bot’s response to queries. People are ready to use a chatbot to finalize business transactions online. Customers now enjoy and fully utilize every available feature of chatbot that includes voice assistants. Three things to note here

  • 59% of Americans are willing to receive offers and coupons from a chatbot and
  • the retention rate of users after their first month of using a chatbot is 40-60%
  • Nothing can stop 15% of US consumers from interacting with a chatbot

Fact 2: Information, Timing and Videos Are Key

Information is key, but it requires timing and the new deal – video. It is time to switch away from the long white matter. You already know you are 9x more likely to convert a lead that engages with you for more than 5 minutes. The next thing is to meet the leads where and how they want to be met. Four things to note here.

  • According to Forbes, 90% of customers make a buying decision based on a video they watched and 64% of customers are more likely to buy after seeing a video
  • Bain & Company highlights that businesses that successfully increase customer engagement will notice a 20% to 40% increase in customer spend.
  • Eyeview highlights that you get an 86% increase in conversion if you have a video on your landing page
  • You can also share videos with leads via Slaask – The Customer Service App for all Slack Users

If you really want an 86% increase in conversion rate, and a 20% to 40% increase in customer spend, you should be ready to integrate videos into your means of communication with your leads.

Fact 3: Go the Extra Mile

What exactly does going the extra mile really mean? Every business is facing a fierce competition and your business is not left out. The best way to win the race is to ensure you are always putting your best foot forward. It takes an average to 5 minutes to convert a lead. Ensure your live response agents use the necessary to boost your lead conversion.

The Trick – Use Slaask

Look at this: Rear Admiral Grace Hooper once said, “The most dangerous phrase in language is, ‘We’ve always done it this way’.” you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. As business trends evolve, your lead generation strategy too should evolve. Get Slaask today and be abreast with a technology that is empowered with all the necessary features to take your company to the desired goal.

To ensure your business does not slack, be sure to use Slaask to fully integrate all the above facts into your lead generation strategy both now and 20 years to come.

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Andrew is a goal-getter. With over 5 year’s experience, he is committed to innovation, imagination and customer satisfaction.

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