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5 Benefits of Live Messaging to Keep Your Customers in the Long Term

5 Benefits of Live Messaging

Returning customers are pillars for the long-term growth of your business because they tend to spend more and even refer others. Here’s how customer service online chat helps foster long-term customer relationships.

Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are assets to your business as they will become your most loyal customers. Having the highest satisfaction level of any customer service channel, a live messaging service is the tool of choice to achieve sustainable customer happiness.

eDigitalResearch’s Customer Service Benchmark ranks live messaging with the highest satisfaction levels at 73% compared with 61% and 44% for email and phone; thus, being the preferred tool for solving customer issues because of its immediate response.

Raises Competitive Advantage

Live messaging is the key to standing out among the many in your industry. Why? Because it helps you focus on consumer satisfaction and their experiences throughout the purchase funnel.

A live chat study by SuperOffice shows that out of 1000 websites, only 9% have a live chat to provide customer support. So, with its use, your business stands out with a unique customer approach.

Engages You with Visitors

Live chat service on your website helps you to collect information about visitors whom you can turn into leads. Not everyone that comes to your website buys straight away but can come back later.

Here’s how: Before a session begins, live chat software gives you an opportunity to request visitors their contacts. With this, you can adapt your follow-up to ensure a personalized customer experience. And 63% of consumers are likely to visit again a website with live chat service. So, instead of communicating with unknown visitors, you speak with engaged prospects that keep coming back.

Stores Data for Performance Evaluation

Data analysis is crucial for understanding your business’s performance for a specific period of time. By checking your chat transcripts, you can easily identify the key customer pain points you need to handle.

It is no wonder that by doing so, you greatly enhance consumer satisfaction and a mutual long-term relationship with them develops.

Lowers Customer Service Costs

Customer support can be expensive because by using the traditional call centers, the customer service agent handles both phone and emails, but only works on one channel at a time. Customer service online chats change all that.

Wondering how? According to a research conducted by Telus international, customer service agents can handle as many as six chats at the same time. Moreover, WP Engine reveals that within months of launching it on their website, they served more than 90% of their customer’s questions and issues. Cutting their customer support costs in less time and making customers happy.

Don’t Wait. Go Live!

Is your industry over saturated? Stand out with a customer service online chat.

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