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And If Live Chat Didn't Exist? 10 Situations You Don't Want to Find Yourself In

Concerning your customers:

Situation 1: You manage a bank. Your customers are all in agreement. They must go to your bank in person to get answers to their questions, as they do not understand some or much of the information on your site.

With live chat: Enhance your online customer experience. According to a 2013 LivePerson study, 88% of online customers claim that live chat has a positive influence on their online perception.

Situation 2: You sell furniture online. Buyers often complain that it’s difficult to imagine what the furniture will look like in their homes, and that no one is available to quickly assist them.

With live chat: Improve your conversion rate. According to an Andersen Consulting survey, 62% of respondents state that they would make more online purchases if customer service was more efficient and accessible.

Situation 3: You offer a new innovative online media. Your customers fall into two categories: your subscribers and others. They are equally important, but how can you justify the amount subscribers are charged if they cannot easily access customer service?

With live chat: Adapt your customer service based on the type of user. You can configure a direct live chat for your subscribers. With a provided password, they have access to a protected page for a personalized live chat. For other customer types, you can pre-configure the live chat to provide automatic responses to their questions.

Situation 4: You sell designer watches online. As the prices are high, it is not always easy to make the sale. Customers sometimes doubt the quality of your products.

With live chat: Increase customer satisfaction and trust. Thanks to direct access to a real person, questions are answered in a timely and efficient manner. Customers can then complete their purchase with total confidence and zero fear of discrepancies.

Situation 5: You sell shoes online. You have many competitors and are concerned about losing your customers to them.

With live chat: Build customer loyalty. Live chat will enable you to optimize your responses to customers and help to prevent them from looking for answers on competitors’ sites. Note that 78% of survey respondents state that they would return to a site if customer service provided simple and efficient answers to their questions in a timely manner.

Concerning your business:

Situation 6: You manage a communication agency. Many of your employees state that they are not always aware of what is happening in the company. They have a vague understanding of the agency’s clients but would like to work together more often in order to exchange tips. Not to mention that in the open space, it can be a challenge to communicate!

With live chat: Improve internal communication. Your employees can now exchange information online by sending documents or advice at any given moment from the comfort of their own desks. More traceable than a verbal request and more effective than email, internal live chat is an indispensable tool in this day and age.

Situation 7: You manage a startup for loaning equipment between individuals. You do not have the resources for a dedicated customer service outfit, and your users’ experience is suffering for it.

With live chat: Implement customer service in record time. A tiny line of code inserted behind your site and just like that your live chat is up and ready to go. Train your team so that anyone can respond to customer requests, and you will finally be able to answer all incoming questions.

Situation 8: You offer organic baskets online. You do not yet fully understand how your customers use your site. This is a major concern as users often leave before completing their orders.

With live chat: Follow the customer journey. You will better understand how your site is used in order to improve it. By following the customer path and analyzing when they are most likely to use your chat for advice, you will be able to optimize your site.

Situation 9: You manage a travel agency. As customers usually wish to make detailed inquiries before reserving online, your phone is constantly ringing. Unfortunately, you do not have enough time to devote to each call, and customers are not happy.

With live chat: Reduce response time. Your employees can chat with several clients simultaneously, making them more efficient than when taking phone calls. Be aware that after just 76 seconds of waiting online or on the phone, customers tend to lose patience.  If they decide not to pursue their enquiry, they may also put a stop to their purchase! Better to be more efficient!

Situation 10: You manage a home delivery service. You wish to reduce costs, starting with your hotline, which is a money pit.

With live chat: Save money. You can cancel or at least reduce access to the phone line used mainly for customer service. You can now answer the majority of your customers’ questions online.

If you do not want to find yourself in one of these 10 situations, think about using live chat!

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