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Chat with your customers on Facebook and Twitter via Slack!

We’re kicking off March 2017 with amazing exclusive additions to Slaask!

Now you can chat from Slack with your leads and customers not only when they are on your site or your mobile app, but also when they are on your company’s Twitter or Facebook pages!

That means your fans can reach out to you via Facebook messenger, Twitter direct message or through simple Tweets! 😉

Why did we decide to build this feature?

The road to flawless customer service never ends. We wanted to make it even easier for our users to interact with their leads and customers via social media without ever having to leave Slack.

Our vision remains as true and strong as it has always been: “to bring all of your team and customer communication together in one place“.

We are so happy to bring new exciting features to the table to help our users improve their real-time customer communication! And we’ll continue to design everything to be in line with our vision that the web needs to be as simple to use as possible, more human, and above all, more instantaneous! Our goal is to provide you the very best customer communication tool ever assembled!

As usual, the whole Slaask team is available anytime for you if you ever need help or if you have any questions! 😉

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