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Why does each team member have to do customer support?

Increase your company image

By contacting your support, your client hopes to be given a live solution and not just to know that his request has been taken into account and will be resolved as soon as possible, he will feel like to waste his time.
Is there anything better for one of your lead to feel that your entire company team is at his disposal?

Improve your response time (and the  average quality of your answers)

When a user contacts you he wants fast support. If all of your support agents are busy, they will not be able to respond quickly and take care of the best possible way for more customers.
Bringing all of your team to do support allows your company to improve his reactivity.

Improve your team spirit

Your support team may be the best trained in the world but will inevitably receive some questions that cannot be answered. Who better than the people who build the product each day to bring a solution to a user?
Your team will be more cohesive knowing that they can rely on the help of others teamates at any time of the day.

Improve your product/service from real and direct feedback

The work takes 100% of your time, you sometimes go to talks or events, but when did you meet one of your users head-to-head for the last time?
Taking part in a live conversation allows you to better understand the expectations of your users in terms of improvement but also to understand why a user has a problem (wording, UI, etc.).

Improve the diversity and the attractiveness of work for all your team members

Each of the company’s jobs include redundant tasks, not really sexy. By taking part in the live client support, you will feel less prisoner of your job by taking a breath of fresh air by discussing with new people topics unrelated to what you are currently working on.

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