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3 Customer Retention Tricks To Keep The Business Going Even During Crises

3 Customer Retention Tricks To Keep The Business Going Even During Crises

The current pandemic, COVID-19  left no stone untouched as many businesses are waiting, not sure of what comes next. It took the world by surprise and rocked every business both big and small. While some businesses are shutting down, others are downsizing. As countries start easing the lockdown, this is the best time to focus on customer retention, rather than focusing on acquiring new customers whose main goal is to stay alive.

More than ever, you need to retain old customers to keep your business afloat in the midst of global crises. Asides that, statistics have shown that it is five times more expensive to attract a new customer than to keep an old customer.

This post highlights three tricks you can apply right now to increase customer retention.

Quality Customer Experience

 Customer experience (CX) is an important part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and in the midst of crises, it has become absolutely crucial. At this point, you must adopt a customer-centric approach. Ensure your customers enjoy the experience. Customers will stay if they feel valued and appreciated. You really don’t have to sell to them. Simple words of encouragement to ensure they are safe and a promise that you will have their back will go a long way in keeping them with you for life.

Automate as many processes as possible

Do you need to ask questions? Automate with surveys. Do you need to collect payment? Automate it. Do you need to answer their questions? Automate it. As regards customer service, there is no part of your business that cannot be automated with Slaask. Asides that, there are 50+ integrations, so almost every part of your business starting from the conversation can be done on Slaask.


Business is no longer business as usual. Everything has changed. As such, effective and constant communication with your customers is important. The challenges surrounding the existing pandemic is enough to keep them distracted, and your product or service might just be the last thing on their mind. The conversations you have with your customers during this period will determine their level of loyalty to you after the pandemic becomes history. So, actively listen to them, express empathy, focus on how your product can help solve their problems.  Ask for feedback, use a survey. This will help you promptly take action, and measure how soon business will bounce after the epidemic. 


Serve the right customer the right way

The secret to customer retention is customer satisfaction. You can never get customer satisfaction wrong with Slaask. Many businesses use Slaask to optimize their sales funnel from start to finish. If you have not been automating your business, you are part of the businesses losing 10 to 25% of their customer base every year. Show your customers that you care, begin your journey with Slaask today.

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