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Three Tricks to Retain Your Customers Even In a Weak Market

Selling in a weak market is a big challenge for many businesses. Right now, people are more concerned about staying alive than paying for services. So instead of convincing them to pay you more money, you should be showing them how your service can help THEM make money. Customer retention has been directly linked to increased profits. Once your loyal customers see you care about them, they will ensure you never run out of business too. 

So how do you keep your customers in a weak market?

Using the right tool gets the right result

If you can’t imagine skydiving without a parachute then you must never approach your customers without the right tool. With Slaask, you get to personalize your messages, improve your customers’ experience, and even surpass their expectations. You also get the opportunity to turn every interaction into an amazing personal experience with our Live Response feature.

Use multiple contact points but don’t get spammy

The end result is the sales but you shouldn’t poke your payment options right in their faces. Start by using a secure payment management tool to ensure their bank information stays safe. Are they active on Facebook? Then get active on Facebook! Ask questions AND answer questions.

Make use of Connection Content (content that drives people to connect with you). If new customers opt for your product or service, they don’t expect you to leave them after sales. That’s a great way to send them off and smash your hopes of retention. Let customers know you’re always willing to help. CX Solutions highlights that giving your customer ‘How To Guides’ increases retention rate by 32%

Ask questions

The one thing your customers want from you right now is to hit them in their weak spot – that is, make promises you can keep and over-deliver. This is still by far the best strategy to retain customers in any market and you can’t achieve this without asking questions. 

Do you need to create an offer for your opt-in? Ask what they need the most. 

Do you want to know how best to serve them? Ask them. 

Asking questions is much easier than assuming. It is even much easier when the right tool is a click away.

Make It Personal

Personalized messages can make all the difference. It means consciously tailoring your service to meet your customer’s specific expectations. All customers are not the same, so adopting an umbrella approach may not give the desired result. Personalized messaging goes beyond saying “Hi Andrew” to your customers. Customizing your messages shows your customers that you care, and when done effectively, yields great results. Research shows that 80% of those who classify themselves as frequent shoppers only shop with brands who personalize their experience. Ensure your customers have a memorable experience of interacting with you. 

Don’t sleep on the chance to increase customer satisfaction – give Slaask a try today.

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Andrew is a goal-getter. With over 5 year’s experience, he is committed to innovation, imagination and customer satisfaction.

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