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Making Your Product a Necessity Using Personalized Messages

Making Your Product a Necessity Using Personalized Messages

Your consumers are diverse, smart and face endless choices daily. If you attempt to use a one size fits all approach in your marketing and customer service, it might boomerang spectacularly.

Your marketing focus needs to shift from just selling to your customers to building a long-term, personal and mutually beneficial relationship with your consumers. That is the essence of relationship marketing.

To scale your revenue, your customer retention strategy has to revolve around having personalized interactions with your customers.

Personalized engagements with customers mean that you recognize the uniqueness of your consumers and you tailor your business to address their individual needs and concerns. It is the new focal point of customer service and consumer relationship management (CRM) for small businesses.

Personalized messages work for keeping customers. Here are 3 reasons why it is a must for your business.

Personalized Messages Facilitate Repeat Purchase

Consumers reveal they will make repeat purchases after a personalized shopping experience with a company.

Personalization lets you create a unique experience for your customers. Consumers like to feel they are special, and delivering a personal service to them will boost their loyalty and patronage of your business.

Access to Loads of Consumer Data

The beauty of personalization is the amount of consumers’ information it will generate for your business. A research found that 57% of consumers are willing to give out personal information in return for personalized offers and discounts.

That is one of the exceptional features of Slaask – helping you to collect a trove of consumers’ information through personal chats for personalized customer service.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is vital for customer service, driving sales, and customer retention. However, CRM for small businesses can prove to be a tough tide to ride some times.

Personalization, with Slaask, is one way to cut through loads of unstructured consumers’ data to arrive at a simple yet rich bag of information about your leads/customers, assisting you to deliver excellent customer service.

3 Simple Tactics for Personalization

Collect and Analyze Consumers’ Data

To effectively carry out personalization, you must have access to personal consumers’ information and analyze them to discover trends and patterns. One way to collect customers’ information is through live chat.

Look at this:
Slaask can be the right fit for your business as you can retrieve important information about the contact you are talking to at the beginning of each conversation in Slack.

Interact on Social Media

A live chat platform like Slaask can be integrated with your social media accounts to engage your consumers. Also, you can get personal insights from them.

Customer Service Is King

Your effort at personalization will fall flat if you don’t improve your customer service. Consumers will only share personal information with a friendly business that delivers value. Slaask helps you get around customer service with its live response feature.

Personalize for Growth

There is no overstating the relevance of personalized interaction in customer service nowadays. Consumers are increasingly expecting personalized services from companies. You need to move your business up to this realm. Ask Slaask for help today.

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