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3 Lessons About Customer Retention You Can Learn From Superheroes

3 Lessons About Customer Retention You Can Learn From Superheroes

No matter how difficult the mission is, the superhero saves the day. Business challenges are on the rise. Many businesses are in debt, and while others are shutting down, only a handful are soaring high. Running a profitable business today almost requires hiring a superhero to get the job done. Why? No matter how difficult the task is, the superhero always saves the day. Apart from Slaask the Superman, what other Superhero lessons can help you increase your customer retention rate?

Always build a relationship – Professor Xavier

Every member of the X-men had a relationship with Professor Xavier. He understands every one of them and makes them feel special. How can you apply this to customer retention? Focus on making every single customer special, feel their pain, address their issues, ensure they bring in other customers. Every conversation should be aimed towards relationship building. You can’t afford to generalize when dealing with customers, particularly the angry ones. How do you address them? What is your tone and response time? How often do you even resolve the issue they have? You need to get this right using the right team and the right tools.

Be creative, be prepared – Iron Man

Iron Man is unarguably one of the most intelligent if not the smartest in the MCU. He is a genius – geniuses think faster and better than others. He is always thinking outside the box and reinventing himself. Iron Man prepares a new suit for every new chapter. He teaches that there is no such thing as a perfect time. Iron man is always developing in preparedness for what might come next. He is very complete. Thanos in Infinity War had to describe him as “…You are not the only cursed with Knowledge”. So always reinvent yourself. Always give your customers something to look out for, else they will leave you for real-life Iron Man.

Learn to control your anger – Hulk (Bruce Banner)

In the fight against the Chitauri Army in ‘The Avengers’ (2012), Banner told Captain America, “That’s my secret, Captain. I’m always angry.” It is general knowledge that the Hulk has the craziest temper. His controlled state is Banner. You should apply this to your business when dealing with angry customers. There is no point competing who is ‘the craziest.‘ There is no need to prove that you can get angry too. If you must increase your customer retention rate, you must learn to deal with customers in the Slaask way.

Connect with Slaask, the Superman (Clark Kent)

Kent is remarkable among superheroes. He stays with his adopted parents, has a girlfriend. Yet, he is a journalist that works hard enough to ensure his superhero activities make the front page of the dailies. Kent can multitask without lacking in any regard. Succeeding in business requires this type of superpower. With Slaask the Superman, you can combine customer retention, increased engagement, make every customer feel special, and lots more. You can do all this with Slaask while ensuring you don’t slack in any department.

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