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Using Live Response to Give Angry Customers Better Customer Care

Using Live Response to Give Angry Customers Better Customer Care

There are different types of customers and each should be treated differently. For instance, a dissatisfied customer feels the company provided less than they promised, but an angry customer has a feeling of betrayal and often want to take revenge.

When dealing with angry customers, the question is no longer ‘who is to blame?’ The next line of action is how to resolve what is on ground.

What’s the best way to give angry customers better customer care? Definitely not a chatbot.

You know why? The top reason people dislike communicating with companies is the inability to instantly speak to a real person.

Did you know: a study by Esteban Kolsky highlights that 13% of unhappy customers will tell 15 people or more. And only 1 in 25 unhappy customers will tell the company.

Ideally, there are three types of angry customers. Those that get angry…

  • before talking to you
  • while talking to you
  • after talking to you

You sure don’t want the third type of angry customer. So this post highlights how to use live response to give angry customers better customer care.

1.      Listen Attentively – No Argument.

Since Slaask allows you to integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts seamlessly on one platform, it is easy to spot angry customers who come on social media to vent. Many times, angry just want to pour out their emotions to someone who is ready to listen. So the first step to make your angry customer feel special is to listen to every piece of information fuelling his anger. Ensure you don’t cut them halfway. Also, ensure you don’t infer meanings to what they say – just get the information as it is.

2.     Offer a Sincere Apology

Never underestimate the power of an apology as simple as sorry. “I am sorry” as a phrase triggers an immediate instinct to forgive. So, are they done venting, start by apologizing for any inconvenience they must have experienced while using your product or service. Make them know that you understand how they feel and ensure that you are sincere with the apology.

3.      Be Quick to Offer a Solution

Generally, customers hate waiting. Now you are dealing with an angry one, ensure you don’t waste an extra second – the longer you delay, the angrier they get. Go straight to what they need to do or refer them to the appropriate team member that can resolve the issues ASAP. You already told them you understand how they feel? Guide them on how to solve their issues as soon as possible. If you stall, they start sharing the negative buzz about your business online.

Never Get into a Fight with an Angry Customer

Slaask helps you integrate all your channels of communication into Slack. So you simply track who vents, over what and on which medium. The first step is to take the fight offline, get to understand the problem, solve the problem, take the solution and feedback online.

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