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Striking a conversation that leads to a life-long relationship

Striking a conversation that leads to a life-long relationship

Ever wondered why brands are focusing on building relationships? It’s simple, relationship drives sales.

Look at this: according to CMO relationship building comes first. It is then followed by an increase in customer spend and trust. CMO also highlights that loyal customers are 67% more likely to spend than new ones.

Building a relationship that can spark trust, loyalty and convert leads to loyalists all starts with a conversation.

You need to start asking the right questions while channeling your efforts to the right places.

Did you know that U.S. companies lose an average of $136.8 billion annually?

You cannot afford to keep leaving money on the table because you can’t build a successful relationship.

So how do you strike a conversation that leads to a life long relationship?

Engage your lead intelligently

First impression matters. Imagine going into an office and the first thing you see is a drunk receptionist holding a cigar? Engaging your lead requires careful planning. You already know that it is five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an old one. So, ensure the first impression is as perfect as possible. The goal of every business is building a profitable long term relationship. When planning your canned messages for your chatbot, be as precise and engaging as possible. Ensure the personalizations are top-notch, the messages are apt and the interactions, sleek. There should be room for beating about the bush. Every customer deserves an onboarding, give it to them intelligently. Is there a coupon/discount sales coming up? Intelligently share the message without spamming your old customers.

Make them feel special

Even the most loyal customers have concerns, not to speak of a new customer. So make everyone feel special. It all starts with calling them by their first name. People prefer to be called by their first name instead of ‘Hello there’. Ask questions, pay attention to their answers and queries. Do not leave any question unanswered. Were they impressed with the conversation? Do they have any other needs (you can upsell or cross-sell here)? Always remember to say thank you after the conversation.

Prove that you value them

Nothing ruins a good relationship faster than a lack of time. Probably you want to multitask by answering two clients at the time or you are having difficulty resolving the problem. Be sure to drop a message to let the customer know they still have your attention. Also, do not forget to communicate. Are you having a downtime? Is the company going through a rough tide? Do not fail to communicate with them. Time and communication are key to the success of every relationship.

How to automate your relationship with Slaask

Technology is all about amplifying human connection, not removing it. So, this point is not about setting your relationship on autopilot. It is amplifying your connection to be as seamless and smooth as possible. A connection where you never forget to send a message to your leads. The one where new customers follow the funnel to become retainers. The one that converts old customers to die-hard fans.

If you are really keen on building an awesome relationship on all levels of your business, then you should try Slaask. You can stay more relevant, keep tabs on fading connections and easily onboard – all this you can achieve with just a single click.

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