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The Conversion Funnel

How to convert visitors into customers?

The difference between the numbers of visitors in your website and the number of customers you get is huge. This difference comes from different factors. Maybe your website isn’t attractive enough, even if it’s well-referenced. Or maybe your website is attractive but not well-referenced.
To help you optimize your conversion funnel, here are some tips that can decrease this gap by using Slaask.

The path your visitors take is similar to a funnel—from being a visitor to becoming an ambassador, or even better, a customer.

Here’s what a conversion funnel looks like:

Now, let’s focus on the different steps in a conversion funnel:

1. Attraction: It’s the first step of the funnel. It’s one of the most important steps because its goal is to attract as many visitors as possible to your website. To do so, you’ll have to attract visitors by using different means: your company’s blog, SEO, social networks, and so on The main goal of this step is to educate your visitors in the best possible way; offer them valuable content, get them to click to know more about what you do, etc. For example, you can create different landing pages that correspond to different industries to target people that work in those industries. This will provide them the right content for their needs without their having to search for it.

2. Interaction: The people that are now on your website have arrived at the first step. They were attracted by your website, they are interested in what you do. Now, they might try to contact you. Here, a good practice is to set up triggers to collect their email address. For example, on your blog, you can add an email-asking trigger with a message that says, “Do you want to get notified of our new publications by email?”, and set this trigger to pop up after 10 seconds of them staying on your blog. In most situations, the purpose of triggering a message to your leads and customers is to start a conversation with them so that they can easily understand what you do and have a higher likelihood of starting a chat with you. By interacting with your leads and customers in this way, you will be able to engage with them and develop a good customer relationship in the long run.

3. Conversion: Once your visitors are convinced that what you do corresponds to their needs, they become your leads. They are on the right way to becoming customers. This is the right time to live chat with them via Slaask and introduce you to them. You will be able to answer all their questions, give them more information on what you do, on your pricing, and so on. You can also convince them easily by chatting with them, because they will see that you are really dedicated to them, that you make time for them.

4. Retention: Now you need to construct a long-term relationship with them and ensure that you will provide them a good customer service via live chat/live support. For example, call them by their first name, interact with them in a friendly way (but remain professional), make sure they have all the information they need, assist them at all times. You really need your customers to see you as someone who is there to help them whenever they need it.

How to make sure that your strategy is successful?

You’ll need to:

  • Have an attractive and responsive website. Your website is your front door. When visitors come to your website, they need to be attracted by what they see; a regularly-updated website, with short and clear messages, great designs, images, and so on. An SEO strategy with keywords associated with specific landing pages can boost your website to the first pages of search engine results and attract many visitors. Your website must be responsive to allow your visitors to visit it on any device: laptop, smartphone, and tablet.
  • Associate it with a good email marketing strategy: Sending emails to your customers to keep them updated about new features, new services, or discounts is a good way to make them loyal to you. Moreover, they will appreciate that you take care of them. Beware of not spamming them, though.
  • Have a good customer service: It’s the most important thing to attract potential customers. For doing so, use Slaask 😉


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