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How to Use Slaask to Measure and Optimize Your Sales Pipeline

How to use Slaask to measure and optimize your Sales Pipeline

Your sales Pipeline is the backbone of your business, it determines how many deals you’ll close, and in the long run, how much profit you’ll make.

An optimized pipeline results in optimized sales. You must frequently measure and optimize your sales pipeline to maximum capacity, and Slaask is just what you need. It is dedicated to helping you close more leads, and maximize your sales pipeline for maximum turnover.

Here are some ways you can use Slaask to measure and optimize your sales Pipeline.

Define Marketing Qualified Lead

Your marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) must become Sales Qualified Leads. You must define the leads that are more likely to become customers and deploy the best sales that fit their buyer persona strategy meet for each category. Slaask helps you separate the signal from the noise. With Slaask, you can easily track the number of leads that get converted into customers, their profiles, the first point of contact and usage pattern. This information gives you insight into the best way to nurture these leads, and convert them into customers. Your sales pipeline becomes tailored, and you’re not merely beating the air.

Integrating Sales and Marketing Data

Use Slaask’s unique integration feature to unify your marketing channels and means of communication into a single location. This keeps you totally in control, and you can track where all your leads are coming from, the number of website visits, returning customers, social media and email engagement. Integration is a sure way to optimize your pipeline. Data helps big brands to cultivate their leads and convert them to repeat buyers and brand evangelists. Don’t be left out. You too can use Slaask to gather data to better your customers.

Did you know that you can integrate Slack, your social media handles and other 50 others with Slaask?

Prompt Engagement

Nothing beats prompt replies. If you want to fill and convert the leads in your pipeline, you must be ready to dive instant yet accurate answers

Look at this:  66% of adults want instant and accurate answers.

Your sales team must learn to easily switch between using the live response feature and the chatbot of Slaask to help resolve customer queries. While using Slaask’s live response unique feature, you can switch to video chat and share your screen with leads. This feature allows your sales team to have total control of the conversation.

Look at this: if you don’t fill your sales pipeline up, the chances of reaching your sales goals will be very slim.

Integrate a Chatbot to Make It Smooth

The best business stories are those where everything follows marketing follows a smooth sequence and it ends up in sales. So what’s the plan? Keep losing leads along the way or optimize your campaign with Slaask?

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