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Exit intent? Give them a reason to stay

Exit intent? Give them a reason to stay

When trying to reduce your churn rate, ensure you don’t make the mistake of increasing it instead. When people land on your website, how soon do they bounce off? Your leads want information and they want it faster than the speed of light. When leads visit your website either through paid ads or link sharing, you have just one minute to convert them or lose them. In doing this you have three options, hire a CRM to be on standby 24/7, consistently lose potential customers, or use a chatbot to ensure they do business with you.
When it comes to hooking leads, chatbots are indispensable. If you are looking for a cools way to use a chatbot for exit intent, let’s dig in.

Give Them More Options

This is essentially helpful if you are looking to build a tight buyer persona. One key reason leads bounce from your website is when they don’t fit into the buyer persona. Every persona is unique and should follow a unique funnel. Instead of offering a free session or free trial, a good way to do this is to offer them more options about your product and service. Do you run an eCommerce business? Offer them other products, discounts and or ask them what they love the most. Do you offer services? Show them the other services and don’t forget to show them the ‘most bought’ item.

Help Them Navigate Your Website

Attention span is lower and there is a higher need to put out as many things as possible to meet every buyers’ needs. Some people might even shuttle back and forth between two or more pages. Others might visit your FAQ pages, but according to Wordstream, your FAQ page only answers 95% of the questions your leads might have. What if the other 5% is the reason they are not doing business with you? If you integrate a chatbot like Slaask with your website, you can be sure to reduce churn even while sleeping. If you are into eCommerce, asides from exit intent, you can also use a chatbot for cart abandonment or to offer a discount

Offer a 2-Minute Survey

A Survey helps you know more to do more. The goal is simple, the easier you make the survey, the higher your chances of selling your offer even if that’s not what they are looking for. Chatbots naturally collect data but surveys allow you to offer a more personalized experience.
Two things to note here. First, use open-ended questions. Second, ensure the questions are apt and relevant so that they bounce off your survey.

Have a Meeting Point

You need to reduce churn and increase sales. We created a tool that does that and even more. There are loads of things you can do with Slaask. You can offer complimentary product, related products or get to know if they were found what they are looking for. You can offer an upsell or a cross-sell. If you are keen on increasing engagement and reducing bounce rate, then be sure to Slaask.

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