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How to Use Slaask's Smart Assistant for Lead Generation


A lot of customers who use Slaask think that a good synonym for it is “customer success.” Thanks to Slaask, their customer service support has significantly improved, turning more leads into paying customers.

Did you know that you can use it as a lead generation tool as well?

Yes, you heard right! You can use Slaask’s Smart Assistant — that cute chatbot — to attract more leads.

Do I Need a Chatbot?

I already have a customer service team, and they are very efficient, do I really need a bot? Aren’t humans better than bots?

Of course, humans are better than bots. But here’s the thing: Your customer service staff might be very effective now, but when your business starts growing, you will need to add more people to your customer service team to provide that one-on-one communication with your customers.

And that only means one thing: spending more money!

That’s where chatbots come in. They might still be inferior to humans, but with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies improving more and more, chatbots are also becoming smarter.

One cool technology used in chatbots these days is the Conversational Interface (CI), a hybrid between a user interface and natural language interface technologies that visualize content in chat form.

Users can interact with it using their voice, through chat, or any natural language interface together with UI graphical elements, such as buttons, images, and more.

The best example of that is Slaask’s Smart Assistant:

Slaask Smart Assistant

Another chatbot that uses the CI technology is Slack:

Slack Bot

With the bots, you engage your users quickly and efficiently. Your customer service team only comes in when they’re needed.

Chatbots also ensure a smooth connection between live and delayed conversations. If your customer support staff cannot attend to a customer immediately, a chatbot can record the conversation and provide insight to the team.

“Okay, I get what you mean,” you say, “but how do I set my bot for lead generation?”

Design Your Own Bot

Before you can even deploy or start using the chatbot, you need to think about what your bot will look like. Slaask has a feature which allows you to design it, so it reflects the your brand’s personality.

Good News:
Slaask allows you to create your own bot and deploy it on your websites in a few minutes. You can easily customize its image and language to make it match your brand perfectly.

After that, you have to build your bot’s knowledge base starting with the Welcome message. You have to remember, though, Slaask is a keyword-based tool so you should use keywords as triggers instead of sentences.

You can also integrate it with Dialogflow, a tool that uses Google’s AI to create apps that can naturally engage people in conversation. It’s the same tool that powers the Google Assistant, Alexa, and more.

With Dialogflow, your chatbot learns along the way and the more you use it, the smarter it gets. All you have to do is provide sample dialogs you think your customers will use when discussing a particular topic.

The tool uses machine learning to understand what your customers want and produce the most useful response.

Analytics and Testing

Your lead generation campaign will be a waste if you have no idea what’s going on and where you are at with your campaign. You need to analyze data so you can find meaningful patterns that will tell you where you’re succeeding and where you’re losing.

You have two choices when you want to create data analysis on Slaask.

You can use Slaask’s own analytics tool which allows you to track the performance of your bot and the resolution rate it can achieve. That way, you can make improvements and adjustments to your bot.

You can also integrate Slaask’s Smart Assistant with Google Analytics and other social media channels. Therefore, as users engage in conversation, you can track what channels they are using, what they want, and more.

‘Tis the Time of the Year

The holiday season is just around the corner. Expect an influx of inquiries, so you need a very capable assistant to back your customer service team up. Although chatbots are still far from their human counterparts, they can get leads, nurture them, and keep customers. So don’t wait until the last minute before having a chatbot installed on your website.

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