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Using An Online Customer Service App To Generate Leads From Social Media Platforms

Having a social media account for your business is a good way of generating leads. However, if you are not actively engaged in expensive social media marketing campaigns, you may find it hard to generate sufficient leads and make sales through the social media platforms available. By tapping into the enormous lead generation potentials of the best online customer service app available, Slaask, you can conveniently and cost effectively direct a large number of prospects to your social media page or account where they can follow your account and by so doing you would have generated substantial leads in the process.

However, for prospective customers to be interested enough to visit your social media account and pages from an online customer service app, you must have done some really good job of providing them with valuable information and useful tips relating to both your line of business and the prospects point of interest.

Have A Strong Brand Message

By having a strong brand message you will be able to attract a large number of interests. Believe it or not, people are attracted to brands that they perceive as being strong and reputable. Even if you operate a small business, if you put forward a strong brand message on the best help desk platform, you could pique the interest of a large number of prospective customers and by so doing you can compel them to visit your social media accounts for more useful information through links created along with your message on the various chat tools on the online customer service app used. As the prospects follow your social media account, you will be able to generate substantial leads which you can then attempt to convert to customers.

Share Useful Knowledge And Experiences

Customer service apps provide one of the best help desk solution available online and prospective customers can gain valuable knowledge from you when you share your experiences with them. The more interested they are to your experiences, the more they are likely to reach out to your business in every single way, including following your various social media accounts, such as; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; you can then direct them to high conversion rate landing pages on your website and convert these leads to sales.

In the chat rooms of customer service apps such as Slaask, you can brief visitors with useful tips relating to your line of business and which would be of tremendous benefit to prospects. As their interest grows, you can encourage them to follow your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest accounts in order to gain more knowledge and even receive free online newsletters loaded with more useful information.

Use Social Media Groups

When you create engaging content on the best online chat app available, you can attract visitors to the chat rooms created. When you interact with these prospects in the chat rooms, you can then encourage them to visit your social media pages and join a created social media group of equally enthusiastic followers. They can participate in daily discussions under strict guidelines with a wide group of members.
The topics for discussion will be related only to issues involving both their needs, as well as your business offering. The more prospective customers join in this social media group introduced to them from the online customer service platform, the greater your leads and your sales potential.

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