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Live Support: Your Churn Safety Net?

Live Support: Your Churn Safety Net?

So, a customer has reached the end, they want to leave you. They log in to their account and navigate towards the page that ends your relationship, their mouse hovers over “Cancel my membership (other buttons are available, depending on the nature of your business). Just as they are about to click, a chatbox message appears in the corner: “Hi, is there any way I can help you before you make your final decision?”. The customer explains that your product is no longer a good fit for your business, and they would like to go elsewhere. But wait, they weren’t aware of a new feature that solves their problems. The customer changes their mind, and they live happily ever after with your business……….

Well it might not be quite that simple, but a live support chatbox on some strategic pages could be an effective way to do some last-minute saves and reduce your churn rate.

Let’s have a closer look at this:

Some Problems Can be Fixed

Customers that plan on leaving your business can have a number of different reasons. Sometimes these could have been resolved before they leave, but it was too complicated to get in contact with a member of your team, they didn’t know a solution existed, or many other reasons. Having a live representative on hand to try and help solve any issues quickly and stress-free, will hopefully increase the likelihood of them staying. The rep may be able to offer them a discount if they are moving to a competitor because it’s cheaper, or they could talk them through a problem they may have been having with your product.

Before the Fact

With live support software, you can swoop in and try to stop customers leaving before it happens. This may be easier than trying to tempt them back after they have left, sending them emails, making phone calls etc. when they may have already signed on with a competitor.

A Great Barometer

Sometimes customers will leave and there will be nothing you can do about it. But one of the best ways of stopping it happening again in the future is from listening to customers feedback. You can gather this info from surveys and try to make sense of metrics. But, with a chatbox on the right page, you can ask customers in person what they think of your service, why they want to leave and how they rate their satisfaction.

Stop the Mutiny

Live support may offer you a second chance to keep hold of customers before they jump ship. A quality live support software such as Slaask lets you place chatboxes on any page you like throughout your website so your agents can be in the right place at the right time. You can also set a time-limit for when to engage with customers. You can record chat history to help you with listening to customer feedback. And this can be used in combination with analytics and metrics to get a better idea of consumer satisfaction and where you are going wrong and right with your business as a whole.

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