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Real-Time Marketing and Why it Matters in Today’s Fast-Paced World

Traditionally, marketing teams have created calendars for each of their marketing campaigns. These calendars were meant to be the final word on when an email blast would be sent, when a commercial would hit local airwaves or when a billboard would go up. In addition to a set schedule, these marketing plans already had their copy, graphics and themes set out months in advance. In contrast, real-time marketing is all about bringing current events into a marketing plan. Find out why marketing in real time, and the instant nature of business communication, is so important in today’s world.

Piggyback onto Trending Topics

Whether your brand is active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or you opt only to communicate with customers via your website and emails, marketing in real time can let you piggyback onto already trending topics. After a Superbowl win, for instance, you can use a hashtag that relates to the event, or give a hearty congratulations to the winning team, in your marketing campaign. This shows that your content is new and not written weeks in advance, and it offers customers a reason to connect with you. On social media, piggybacking onto an already trending hashtag or theme can boost your standings and views, and it could bring new eyes to your profiles and your advertising.

Stay Relevant With Current Events

Reacting to current events and pop culture happenings will do more than just boost your SEO and your market share. It can also greatly impact your brand image. If a brand is able to capitalize on a social event with a funny hashtag or a relevant meme, for instance, they might be seen by their target demographics as trendy, popular or just on the pulse of pop culture. Brands who gloss over major events, on the other hand, might be seen as outdated or out of touch.

Viral Content Suitable for Sharing

One of the ultimate goals for any marketing campaign, particularly a digital one, is sharing. In order to have content that is suitable for sharing, you will want to take advantage of recent events and important trends. A meme, a funny photo, an observational tweet or a hashtag that captures the zeitgeist of a specific moment might only have a short life, but it has tremendous sharing potential for a few days or weeks after the event.

Can Boost Conversions Over Social Media

Real-time marketing also has the potential to help businesses boost their conversion rates on social media. Millennials, in particular, are more likely to remember and identify with a brand that they had a memorable connection with on social media. A great marketing move could cause people to recognize your brand and then follow through with a conversion today or in the future.

In the fast-paced world we live in, instant business communication and advertising is key. Real-time marketing can boost conversions, help to create shareable content, make businesses appear more relevant and make it easier to piggyback onto trending topics in an organic way.

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