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Slaask + iOS + Android = BFFs

Today we are thrilled to announce that you can now launch Slaask on iOS or Android mobile apps!

If you have an iOS app and/or an Android app in addition to a website, you’ll be quite pleased to learn that Slaask works like a charm for all three. This adaptability makes Slaask one of the widest-reaching Slack integrations in the world! Yep, you heard that right!

What’s the value of launching Slaask on your mobile app?

  • Your leads and customers can reach you directly from your own iOS / Android app. With a shorter response time, you’ll gain higher customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates!
  • Your customer communication will be unified — whether coming from Slack, your site, or your iOS or Android mobile app, you’ll be glad to have your internal and external communication channeled through Slack.
  • Users spend more time on their smartphones than on traditional desktops, and this trend is only moving towards the mobile. Go with the flow, not against it by launching Slaask in your native mobile app!

Woo hoo! It’s time for your developers to play! 😉 Here is a great technical doc for setting up Slaask with your iOS / Android app(s).

We are so excited for you to launch Slaask in your native apps! Let’s make chatting with mobile leads and customers easier than ever before! 🙂

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