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Strategies to Keep Customers Who Want to Leave

Strategies to Keep Customers Who Want to Leave

Studies have shown that customer retention is often more cost effective and brings far more rewards than customer acquisition. What this means is that losing a loyal customer is more dangerous to your company’s revenue health than losing a cold lead, so you always have to find a way to keep your eyes on your loyal customers.

Create Special Offers that keep Customers from Leaving

Customer satisfaction should be the foremost priority of every business. For this reason, your customer service team should be well equipped with staff that understand human psychology and creativity with offers.

When a customer wants to leave, your customer service team is then saddled with the responsibility of finding exactly why and creating offers that are good enough to boost customer satisfaction with your product.

Improve on Your Communication

Communication is a great tool to build trust with customers. It is always important that you keep your communication with your customers, but it even more important when they want to leave. When customers show indications of leaving, you want to improve your communication. This is key to making customers feel special, which is a powerful strategy in keeping customers who want to leave.

One of the best customer communication channels you should focus on is live chat. Live chat is a channel that makes it easy of your customers to send their questions, complaints and requests to you and get good response instantly.

Fortify Your Customer Service Team with the best

The most experienced staff in your company has the best understanding of how and why customers buy and remain with your company and have been through the customer journey a million times. For this reason, they are the best members of staff to advise the customer service team on psychological triggers they can pull to get your customers to stay.

It goes without saying that as the CEO or head of your business, you should also be involved with the process of advising your customer service team to get the best out them.

Even if you Lose Your Customers, you can still keep them

Sometimes, you cannot change the fact that some of your customers are going to leave. If you sell car insurance, for example, you are going to lose some customers who want to sell their cars.

When this happens, you don’t have to destroy the relationship you have with these customers.  You can do what is called “Move and Follow”. Keep close contact with your past customers, and they can be your link to new customers. Who knows, they may need your services again sometime in the future.

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