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Use Slaask to Generate Leads for Your Small Business

Use Slaask to Generate Leads for Your Small Business

What does generating leads look like for you? Does it feel like a walk in the park or like brain surgery for your business?

According to an online survey, 63% of businesses affirm that generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. Similarly, CSO Insights reports that 68% of businesses still struggle with lead generation. If this is your case, then you are in the right place.

Lead generation for small businesses should not be a struggle for you. A software service like Slaask can optimize your lead generation strategy to deliver uplifting results for your organization. Why? The short and long term success of your business depends on the quality of the leads you generate.

How Slaask Optimizes Your Lead Generation Strategy to Scale Your Business

Harmonize Your Communication Strategy

Imagine you can manage all your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook from one integrated platform, at the same time.

Imagine you don’t have to open multiple applications to access your messages and your customers’ feedback.

One of the unique advantages of Slaask is how it enables small businesses to generate leads by linking all their social networks to form an efficient unit on Slack. If you already utilize Slack for your internal communication, you can now supercharge it to handle your external communication without needing to change platform!

Slaask aims to help you generate and increase quality leads by enabling your business to efficiently and effectively communicate with your potential customers from one control unit. It helps you to bring together all your communication platforms under one roof for efficiency.

Never Miss out on Interacting with Your Leads

In a study, FurstPerson discloses that 77% of customers won’t make a purchase on a website if there’s no live chat option available. More so, eMarketer finds that 63% of customers were satisfied with it and more likely to return to a website that offers live chat.

Interesting, right? Wait till you see this.

ICMI reports that 72% of customers were very satisfied with their online customer support experience, but that satisfaction increases to 92% when live chats are used on a mobile device.

More interestingly, a customer who uses a chat is worth 4.5 times more than the one who does not. ICMI, citing Forrester, found that there is a 10% increase in average order value for customers who chat before making a purchase. There is a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour, and a 40% conversion rate.

Look at this:
Slaask allows you to live chat with your leads across all platforms. As their messages are coming in, you will be able to respond live from Slack.

Deliver Prompt Customer Service

Seven out of 10 US customers say they’ve spent more money to do business with a company that delivers great customer service. Microsoft reports that across the globe, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand.

To generate leads for your small business, you cannot afford to joke with customer service. The experience your customers take away after interacting with your brand is pivotal to your business’ growth.

Slaask is specially designed to help you optimize your customer service effort. With all your communication in one place on Slaask, you can manage customer-targeted service better. You can also create a wholesome customer experience that will linger for a long time with your customers, and help your business to grow.

Sustain the Interest of Your Lead

Lead generation for small businesses is an integral part of Slaask’s architecture. It is designed to allow greater flexibility and leverage for small businesses to generate leads. It also designed to increase quality leads, and sustain the interest of their leads.

On Slaask, you have the advantage to keep in touch with your leads across all your communication links. Slaask allows you to optimize your marketing contents, distribute to your customers on all platforms from Slaask. With Slaask, you can also instantly respond to their queries.

Slaask helps you take your customer service a notch higher.

The One Growth Partner You Need for Your Small Business

The ultimate goal of Slaask is to help your business grow by doing three things. One, generating leads, increasing quality leads, and converting leads to loyal customers.

You are able to integrate all your communication platforms with Slack, chat with leads, and deliver a customer experience that will boost the growth of your business. Bring your business onboard Slaask and watch it scale every odd to success.

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