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Using Live Response to Induce a Sense of Urgency

Using Live Response to Induce a Sense of Urgency

The question has shifted from whether or not your business needs to use live response, to how best can you use live response for your business.

Every business wants their customers to act Now – to take immediate action. Do you know that it takes only seven seconds  to convince a human to take action? Seven seconds. If you miss that opportunity, they are gone forever. This is why every message you send must induce a sense of urgency

So how can you use your live response to induce a sense of urgency?

  1. FOMO

Let’s face it; nobody likes feeling left out. FOMO is the overwhelming sense that if you skip the party, you’re missing out on a once in a lifetime, amazing experience.

Look at this:
According to Strategy Online,  60% of millennial consumers make a reactive purchase after experiencing FOMO.

Simply put, they will buy something just because they feel they might miss out. You should give this a try. One easy way to do this is by using canned messages on Slaask.

  1. Solve a problem

Every business aims to solve a problem. Some attempt to solve multiple problems. What problem is your business solving? Who are your customers? What do they want? How can your business solve the problem? You don’t have to bump your sales page straight up to visitors. Get their information, solve their problem, become their hero and lastly, increase your sales.

  1. Start with your hot product

This translates to putting your best foot forward. If you have more than one product. Show your visitors the hottest/newest product first – it will require less marketing as there will be testimonials and reviews to fall back on.

  1. Personalized CTAs

This is where money is made. This is also the ultimate test that determines if you are the master of closing deals.

Look at this:
Personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors into leads than untargeted CTAs.

If you are willing to consistently convert leads to customers, then you must master the art of crafting personalized CTAs. Sure, there are many types of CTAs, but to get the most out of your CTA, it must be single and personalized.

  1. Automatic Follow-up Emails

Have you ever tried booking a session on Slaask? the moment you are done, you get a follow-up email. This email highlights everything discussed during the session and more. You should give it a try too – it will make your visitors feel special. When you are done engaging with a visitor, send them a detailed email. It should include a summary of what you discussed and what you think they should know. A lot of marketers fail to follow up on leads with plans to retarget them. You should avoid this pitfall.  It has got the power to increase sales by 34%.

Time to Take Advantage of Slaask

A lot of factors go into increasing conversion rates such as maintaining credibility and inducing a sense of urgency. Taking advantage of Slaask to achieve these will go a long way in converting your leads to customers.

About the author
Andrew is a goal-getter. With over 5 year’s experience, he is committed to innovation, imagination and customer satisfaction.

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