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Introducing Slaask V2!

Over the past year, we’ve been paying attention to all your feedback, dreaming to create a future when Slaask would be more enhanced and user-friendly than it was ever before.

That future is here, and it is Slaask V2. ⭐

The Slaask Team is proud to announce a full redesign of Slaask, the biggest ever to date, which aims to keep Slaask the very best customer messaging app for Slack in the world.

The following are our major improvements. 🚀

We’ve fully remodeled your Chatbox

The Chatbox is prettier, with round corners, giving it a much more modern look. The text readability has been increased, thanks to a new font. Multiple tiny improvements in numerous aspects in the Chatbox have been made.

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We’ve redesigned your Slaask Account

Your new Slaask Account is much more user friendly, with a lighter design and many new intuitive keywords. We have also added keyboard shortcuts to ease navigation. New illustrations will guide you all along your Slaask experience, helping you to make the most out of this powerful tool.

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We’ve improved our JS code snippet

It is now easier for you to implement our JavaScript code snippet in order to detect the contact you are discussing with automatically.

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We’ve implemented a new Meeting feature

Your leads and customers can now book a Meeting with your team in just two clicks and directly from your Chatbox. Moreover, your team can synchronize Google Calendar with Slaask and get notified about any new meetings that have been booked in real time.

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We’ve enhanced your timetable

In addition to defining your timetables, you can now add your days off to adjust Slaask behavior automatically. This unique feature truly makes Slaask an exceptional product.

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We’ve improved our integration of third-party applications

The /slaask menu, which you can use during any live conversation, is empowered, and you now have the option to create tasks and deals directly from Slack.

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We’ve improved the responsiveness for mobile devices

Your Slaask Account is now much more optimized for mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones, which means that in addition to the Slaask Chatbox, your Slaask Account is now also responsive.

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We’ve implemented new app sounds

The user experience is now enhanced, thanks to the new app sounds that we implemented. These sounds are available in multiple places, including the Chatbox as well as your Slaask Account.

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We’ve improved our public API

For all the ones developing on top of Slaask, we made substantial improvements to our API, to make interconnections in between Slaask and external Apps much easier. Now, you can also create your own App inside Slaask in just a few clicks.

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We’ve updated our terms in light of the General Data Protection Regulation

We have reviewed all our terms regarding Data Protection and Slaask is fully GDPR compliant. You can follow our journey to find out more about the steps we took to reach this point.

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