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How to quickly convert leads into customers

How to quickly convert leads into customers

A recurring problem in marketing is how long it can take to get a lead into your marketing system. When the “lead” is someone looking to replace a broken product or obtain an urgently needed service, time is of the essence. Here is where Slaask and live response marketing can make all the difference in the world. You can use Slaask to directly connect a potential customer or upset customer to live customer service via a customer service online chat. Slaask is an instant customer communication tool that lets you immediately start marketing, in the most effective ways, to your new leads.


Lead Conversion: the Holy Grail of Marketing

Converting leads into customers is why you do your marketing. All of your efforts in placing online ads, SEO for your website, and automated email marketing campaigns are only useful when they result in more customers and more sales. Live response marketing with Slaask is all about answering questions on time, making customers feel special, and presenting your products and services to a potential customer at the time that they are available and interested. Slaask is the best marketing automation software for small businesses because it does these things and does them well: with Slaask, you can send triggered messages to leads to pique their curiosity, connect them directly to the right team to save time, and get their questions answered in a timely fashion.  By going the extra mile with customer communication, you will always respond on time, appropriately, and effectively. Prompt lead conversion is what Slaask was built for.


Slaask Live Conversational Sales

Folks who have been doing sales for years will always have stories about customers who would have purchased extensive services or huge amounts of products if only they had been contacted in time. But, the fax got there too late, the phone was busy when the salesperson called, or nobody was checking on Facebook that day. With Slaask’s unified customer communication, you can attract leads, convert them, and offer support in mere seconds! When you use Slaask to unify communication with your leads and customers, you do not only achieve customer service excellence but will see your lead conversion rate go up dramatically. We like to think that Slaask is all about making customers feel special. You can start doing that by quickly contacting them when they express an interest in your products or services (become a lead) and by maintaining excellent live customer service to generate customer loyalty. In this electronic era, live conversational sales are likely to replace many other methods of sales and lead to happier customers when you do it right. Do it right by using the Slaask instant customer communication tool for state of the art live response marketing. Automated finding of leads is only the beginning of the story. You want live conversational sales to most-effectively convert those leads to paying customers.

As an end-note, Slaask can truly help you attract more leads, and convert these leads into paying, recurring, customers. Making leads and customers feel special is exactly what Slaask was designed for in the first place.

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