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Secrets to Standing out with Live Response in an over Saturated Market

Stading out with Live Response

Today’s market is highly competitive with different businesses emerging daily in your industry. This calls for smart moves in order to stand out from the crowd.

As a matter of fact, the whole process of looking for customers, winning and keeping them in the long term proves to be challenging, as they are more influential today than ever before. They need a lot of attention to stay engaged with your business because they are exposed to various offers on the market.

Is your industry over saturated? Here’s how you can stand out with live response to customers:

Respond to All Text Requests

You should always treat texting with customers like a phone call which should never go unanswered. What does this mean? You should respond to every text message from your customers and leads.

Look at this: According to a study of 1000 websites by super office, 21% of live text requests go ignored. This delivers poor customer experiences and kills the purpose of live response to customers.

But here’s the kicker: let your business stand out by responding to all text requests of your leads and quickly resolve customer problems. Moreover, if you are offline, provide your customers with an option that allows them to contact you when they initiate a chat. You can even set up a bot to take the shift when you are away from the keyboard.

Ask for Feedback

Asking for feedback from your customers with the help of a live support software like Slaask can help you improve your customer satisfaction rates. The best time to ask for feedback is after ending the chat, by allowing your customers to rate their experience.

This action helps you in standing out because 45% of businesses with live response to customers don’t request for feedback. More so, it gives you the golden opportunity of using the customer voice to evaluate your performance and make improvements where needed.

Provide Quick Responses

Quickly responding to your customers’ and leads’ text requests and quickly resolving customer problems gives them the best experience with your business and sticks them to it.

Wondering why? It assures them of help whenever they need it as they move through the stages of your sales funnel. Besides, people naturally hate waiting and, according to Forrester Research, 57% of customers give up on their purchase if they can’t get quick answers to their questions.

More so, 79% of customers reveal that they prefer live chat because of its immediacy compared to other channels. Thus, embrace this and stand out by providing the quickest responses to your customers and leads than your competitors.

Dominating Your Industry

Standing out with live response isn’t only about installing a live support software for your business, but also exploring its vast features that will satisfy your customers and leads with magical experiences they have never had before.

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