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How to Spike Your Sales by 50% Using Customer Testimonials

How to Spike Your Sales by 50% Using Customer Testimonials

Two parties are going down this night. The first party is the talk of the town. Massive, it is a mix of comfort, excitement, best DJs, celebrities, games, awards and a host of other side attractions. Apart from that, you get to network with influencers and other big business tycoons.

The second party is organized by a new kid, has no friends and no one has heard about him.

No doubt you would be attending the first party. That is the power of testimonial – talk of the town.

So how well have you been using this sales strategy to increase your profit margin?

Technology is changing how we do things. People are no longer asking for years of experience. People want to know what is in it for them. They want to know the benefit of the benefit. The new focus is on the result, on the “what do I gain if I do business with you?”. People are asking for results and if you can’t show your leads previous results, then you should forget about converting leads to customers or even pushing your leads to take actions.

Look at this: Social Fresh highlights that customer testimonials increase content marketing effectiveness rating by 89%

Testimonials are a big deal. And if you are going to build a profitable business, you must learn how to use testimonials to your advantage. Since our focus is on how to use testimonials to spike sales while converting leads to customers, let’s identify three testimonial guidelines that spike sales.

Prove That You Solve a Problem

Start by listing the companies you work with. Fortune 500 companies, or Solopreneurs only? Next, highlight the problems you solve. It is not enough to tell people ‘this is the best service ever’. Go the extra mile. Ask clients to highlight the problems they were facing, the efforts they made to solve the problem, how they heard about your service and how you helped solve the problem excellently.

Talk About Benefits Only

If you have been in business for a while, you would know that benefits sell better than features. Benefits are effective and features are ineffective when selling. Features highlight just the surface value of your product or service that everyone can see. But for benefit, the end result is what matters — the feelings and emotions attached to what you are offering. Therefore, you need to apply it to your testimonials too. When you collect your testimonials, ensure you carefully select the ones that highlight the benefits.

Highlight the Competition

Everyone loves comparisons, so when leads read your testimonial, they want to see what sets you apart from others, so show them. It is what you are going to do with adverts anyways. So let the testimonial highlight that you have won the competition. Let your leads feel they are missing a great deal if they don’t input their card details instantly.

Be Strategic, Use Slaask

Businesses are getting automated faster and better. What are you doing to automate your own? Being timely is everything. The use of testimonial is a combination of advertisements and endorsements all for free. To gather the best set of testimonials, ensure you use the canned response feature of Slaask, survey your customers’ opinions, and pick the best sets that follow all of the above guidelines.  Be sure to use Slaask to get that 50% boost for your business today.


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