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Top 5 reasons why live customer service is winning the race

Top 5 reasons why live customer service is winning the race

The customer is King. Keeping your customers happy with the right service is the secret to a successful business. No matter what business you run, you always depend on customers.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, and CEO once said, “If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” This is why you really have to work on creating the best experience for them.

With most people turning to the internet for shopping and research, live customer service is the best way to interact with potential or existing customers.

Besides, live chat on your website will definitely give you an edge over your competitors who don’t have it. How? Keep reading and find out.

1.   Increased sales

More than 83% of customers need someone to clear their doubts while they make online transactions. This is why they prefer doing business with sites offering a live chat feature.

As long as there’s a trained agent at any given time to respond to customer queries, live chat will definitely help increase your sales. There is a high chance of customers leaving the website, and you losing sales, if there’s no one to clear customer queries. Remember, personalized interaction thanks to live response helps increase online sales.

2.   Convenience

Live chat immediately connects a customer with an agent without having to dial or press any numbers. There is also only a negligible wait time for response and, as links can be shared for example, live chat enables easy understanding between customer and agent.

As all conversations are saved, customers can always revert through the text. Most importantly, customers can multitask, and not stop what they are doing while getting answers to their questions.

3.   24/7 customer service

How many times have you seen live chat offline? Never. The fact that live chat is active 24/7 gives you a huge advantage over competitors, and helps you gain leads to then convert into loyal customers.

4.   Saves time

If you are managing a team, you should think of using live chat software like Slassk, to save time and improve your productivity. How? By providing quick solutions to your customers. High customer service speed leads to increased productivity.

A single customer live chat agent is enough to tend to more customers in an hour than through other forms of customer support like phone, email or Facebook. Time saved leads to money saved.

5.   Saves money

Phone or email support is expensive to maintain and set up. Live chat is however easily implemented in any website, making it a much cheaper interactive option, especially here at Slaask. You can implement Slaask to your website thanks to a single line of code.

And the winner is…

If you have always been apprehensive about the benefits of having live chat support, you shouldn’t have any doubts now. You now know how live customer service gives you a one-up on your competitors and helps you generate more sales.

Besides, it not only brings you new customers but also helps you win the race by building long-term relationships with existing, loyal customers.

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