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Using Slaask to Keep Customers

Using Slaask to Keep Customers

In today’s highly competitive world, you need live response marketing to maintain the customer’s interest in your products and services. For successful marketing, not only do you need effective and reliable services but you always need to work at making customers feel special. You can do just that with the Slaask online customer service tool. Slaask’s advanced marketing software helps you strive for customer service excellence.


How to Improve Customer Service

More than 5 billion people worldwide carry a mobile phone and more than half of those phones are smartphones. If you want to stay on top of customer service you need to be able to stay in constant touch with this market. Using Slaask, you can maintain contact with your customers, no matter where they are and no matter what language they speak! When they are receiving a constant stream of messages on their smartphones and dealing with all matters in real time, Slaask lets you be there, on the spot, to represent your products and services, answer questions, and deal with complaints. By providing instant, worldwide access, for your customers, you improve your customer service and retain happy customers.


Upgrading Your Help Desk

In today’s world, we’re used to getting everything we need at the touch of a button, or having everything we need at our fingertips. Customer service is no exception. Using Slaask as part of your help desk can really help you go that extra mile for your customers. Its real-time customer messaging app helps avoid the loss of customers who become unhappy while waiting to communicate with someone. And, the live response sales software in Slaask can route questions and problems directly to your help desk instead of having the issues be forgotten or lost in someone’s email inbox. Fast and efficient handling of customer issues results in happier customers, more sales, and more profits. Use Slaask when you are upgrading your online help desk.


Making Customers Feel Special

When you have a lot of help desks, marketing, and sales traffic, making customers feel special can become difficult. The most common issue when a customer starts feeling overlooked is that they have to wait to get an answer, to chat with someone, or get routed to the wrong place. Slaask is a workhorse in attracting, converting, and keeping customers. It does this by being efficient and by making customers feel special. Their questions are dealt with promptly and appropriately. With Slaask, you will not only bring in more customers with effective marketing, but you will also retain them because of the way they are treated. In fact, when you use Slaask for live customer service, you will make folks so happy that they will tell their friends. Word of mouth advertising still works in this electronic age and is, in fact, what makes your business “go viral.” It all starts with an effective way to stay in touch with your customers and ways to make them feel special.


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