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Adding the Human Touch to Your Chatbot Conversations

Adding the Human Touch to Your Chatbot Conversations

Integrating live chat into your channels of communication has shifted from should-have to must-have. In fact, Invespcro highlights that chatbots powered 67% of consumers’ communication in 2018, and the figure should hit 85% by 2020.

Businesses, both big and small, are already adopting the use of chatbot faster than ever. The question is no longer how or why should I use a chatbot, the question now is how can I add a human touch to my chatbot conversations?

Effective communication is about giving information to the right person at the right time using the right medium.

For a conversation to be seamless, everything has to be right. You don’t visit a cemetery to discuss cancer treatment at night, neither would you take business advice from a first-grade student.

In precisely 1 minute 39 seconds, you will learn three things you can do right now to add a human touch to your chatbot conversations.

Give Your Chatbot a Name

You must have heard of Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. These are not girls ready for a pool party. They are chatbots with user-friendly names. That is the first step in adding a human touch to your means of communication. Imagine conversing with a chatbot, and the first message is ‘Hi John, you can call me Andrew, how can I help you today?’ who wouldn’t want to chat with ‘someone’ with such a cool name.

Ensure the Queries Are Adaptable

Having limited options to a question can frustrate your customers. Some customers want to express themselves, particularly when it comes to payment issues. You need to switch from the ‘choose ‘A’ or ‘B” to using apt keywords. Using the Google Assistant on your Android device or Siri on Apple, that is how Slaask is to Slack. You need to advance from restricting your customers with options. They should be able to express themselves freely without any limitation of possibilities.

Touch Their Pain Point

Did you know that with Slaask, you can make use of emojis during your conversations? That is another way you can add the human touch to your chatbot conversations. If the query is worrisome, set your bot to apologize first, before resolving the inquiry. If it is a praise or a compliment, you can use the happy emoji to express happiness. There is no limit to the number of emojis you can send while using Slaask. The most important thing is to know what emoji to send, at what time and based on which situation.

Use Humans for Human Touch

When you jump on the Slaask homepage and our chatbot is unable to process your request, the bot immediately asks if you would like to send a message to a team member. Though the options integrated into the chatbot already makes a whole lot of sense, there is always someone on standby to continue the human touch the Slaaskbot has started.

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