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Sales funnel for new leads? Try this one last trick

Sales funnel for new leads? Try this one last trick

The increase in the use of chatbot is obvious. Almost every website you visit, be it marketing, eCommerce or blogs make use of chatbots. In fact, Business Insider highlighted that 80% of businesses will already be using chatbot by 2020. The reason is obvious, chatbots are the new deal that makes the running of business smooth, increase productivity, generate better results while still running the business 24/7.

So what are the basic tricks that help increase lead generation?

 Spark up the Relationship with a Good Conversation

The secret to every good relationship is having a constant and relevant conversation. You should try this out when nurturing your leads. People are busy, their attention span is short. If you must get into a relationship with them, then you must be ready to strike a conversation. So how do you do this? You need to do test and re-test. There is no limit to the number of tests you can carry out on Slaask. Ensure your canned messages are as tight as possible. Ensure that every piece of information is well planned and relevant.

Getting Deeper into the Relationship with a Single Click

According to Gartner, by the year 2020, 85% of all customer relationships will be handled without interacting with a single human. Simply put, the key to getting deeper into a beautiful relationship with your lead is to use a chatbot. Starting from your first date with your lead, a chabot can manage all forms of interaction with a human without any assistance. The point of integrating a chatbot like Slaask is that no lead is left unattended to.

Setting up the Life Long Symbiotic Relationship

A symbiotic relationship is a relationship that is beneficial to both parties. It is the same with a sales funnel. The goal of every sales funnel is to get into a lifelong symbiotic relationship with the leads. It’s just like getting married. You don’t get married on your first date. The first step is to meet a partner, you get into a relationship by consistently sharing your views and values. You introduce each other to what you are bringing to the table. Both parties understand what the relationship means to them and the benefits attached to the relationship and lastly, the relationship gets all rosy. How does this relate to Slaask? You should follow the steps to build a relationship with your leads.

What’s the Last Trick? Join the Revolution

Don’t get scared yet. Revolution here isn’t about violence or taking over political power. Joining the Slaask revolution means taking total control over your business and finances. You cannot keep leaving money on the table. Chatbots are taking over the traditional methods of doing business. Everything is changing. Stop crossing your hands and sitting on the fence – join the Slaask revolution to take charge of your business.


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