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3 Pro Tips on Getting Acquainted with Customer Happiness

3 Pro Tips on Getting Acquainted with Customer Happiness

Businesses are focusing more on building relationships. The quest for customer satisfaction, happiness, and retention is high. Customer retention is one strategy companies don’t compromise.

So, if you are keen on business growth, then you must be interested in customer happiness.

Look at this:
Previously, a happy customer will leave a tip or shake your hands, but today, Customer Thermometer highlights that a happy customer will tell three people about your product/service while an unhappy customer will tell ten more people.

Without much ado, let’s move on straight to 3 pro tips that will get you acquainted with customer happiness.

Listen to Your Customers

It is okay if you have an awesome product or service. It is okay to have an excellent team managing, marketing and selling your product. What is not okay is if, as a company, you are not listening to your customers or the customers are just not turning up. Harvey Mackay, a businessman, once said, “You earn when you listen—not just money, but respect”. You should apply this to your business too. What are your customers saying to you and about you? Are they promoting your business or wreaking havoc on your business? Get them to talk to you. You should get social so that you can connect with them on the right platform.

Be Quick to Respond and Provide Value

Urgency and value are two things you should keep in mind when responding to your customers. If you can fix the query ASAP, then do it; if you must refer to someone, then do it fast too. Many businesses lose millions of dollars every year by failing to do the right thing at the right time.

Look at this: Industry Analysts Inc highlights that 70% of customers are doing business with you based on how you treat them.

Survey Their Opinions

You don’t have to print out questionnaires or throw bulk questions at your leads to know their views, a few clicks on Slaask is all you need. A simple ‘on a scale of 1-5, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend’. Or ‘how many friends have you invited to join us in the last six months?’ is enough to know if your customers are thrilled about your services.

Ensure You Make Everyone Feel Special

Personalization is the key. Adding a human touch to your channel of communication means a lot. It is okay to use canned messages on your chatbot since it can work 24/7. But if you are going to keep your customers happy, make them feel special, and make them jump on all your offers. Give Slaask a try today to learn how businesses like yours are increasing their list of happy customers.

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