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Get Social. Use Slaask to Generate New Leads on Social Media

Get Social. Use Slaask to Generate New Leads on Social Media

You are leaving a whole lot of money on the table if your business is not using Slaask. To put it into perspective. Small Biz Trends highlights that small businesses lose $75 billion annually due to poor customer service. According to another research by Google, 54.7% of the respondents agreed that online reviews are key to their decision-making process.

Look at this:  In 2015, Credence Research estimated the global chatbots market to be $88.3 million and forecasts an exponential growth from 2016 to 2023.

So how do you use Slaask to generate leads from social media?

Use It as a Prenup with Your Followers

A prenup is the agreement signed before the wedding right? With or without this agreement, the two parties involved already know everything about themselves. The same thing should apply to using Slaask on social media. The prenup here is Slaask. Using Slaask, you know everything about your lead; the system they use, the platform they are connecting from, their windows and their compatibility settings. The same thing applies to your leads too. With your canned messages, you can tell them all they need to know about your product and services. You can even still ask for more by setting them up for a session with any member of your marketing team.

Track Your Lead in Real-Time

Did you know that your customers are online right now checking out your competition? This question is necessary if you are into eCommerce. You need to stop assuming for your leads. Initiate a conversation with them. With Slaask you have the opportunity to combine the power of live response with that of a chatbot. Every lead is relevant and you should track them in real-time. Do they have abandoned carts? Do they have an exit-intent? Did their quest for a particular product bring them to your website? Were they referred from someone? have you informed them of the benefit of your product and service?

If you are keen on making a profit in business while still keeping your products and services relevant, then you should integrate a chatbot with your social media accounts.

The New Definition of Normal

Being active on social media was once the definition of normal. But now, if your business is not integrating social media with a chatbot, then you have consistently been losing money as well as leads. Chatbot does more than chatting with friends. Basically, you can start by building a relationship with your contacts, promote your message to new leads who are not your followers, gather insight, organize surveys and do lots more. It all starts with integrating Slaask with your social media accounts. You shouldn’t be part of the multitude losing money because they don’t know the trend. You too should understand the new definition of normal – and start using a chatbot today.


Slaask, the Multipurpose Tool

Live response and chatbots are great multipurpose tools that help your business grow. Everyone is using Slaask and you can’t afford to slack. This multipurpose tool can be integrated with your social media accounts for customer service, marketing, advertising, and lastly lead generation. If you are really passionate about growing your business, you wouldn’t wait another second before getting social with Slaask.

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Andrew is a goal-getter. With over 5 year’s experience, he is committed to innovation, imagination and customer satisfaction.

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