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Conversational Marketing: 3 tips on Tapping into the Future of Live Response marketing

Conversational Marketing: 3 tips on Tapping into the Future of Live Response marketing

Simply put, conversational marketing is having a conversation that leads to sales. It is about adding a human touch to your channels of communication and this is where live response comes in. Human interaction matters more now than ever before. Also, it is going to matter more to your business in the nearest future and the reason is simple. A study by PWC highlighted that 82% of the US and 74% of non-US customers want more human interaction in the future. If you are going to drive sales to your business, then you must be willing to integrate conversational marketing into whatever plans you have for the future.

If you are curious to learn how to fully integrate conversational marketing with your live response, here are three tips you must note.

Get Prophetic With Live Response

Imagine visiting a website for the first time and before you know it, a live response agent converses with you and starts telling you what you need. The agent is so accurate you think he has a tracker on you. Impressive right? It is going to be as seamless as what we see with ads. You search for a product online just once and next thing, you start seeing the product on every page you visit. Live response app will come with the feature that can track browsing history, match it with lead’s profile and just like a doctor with a patient’s case note, the live response agent will be able to help leads and customers resolve queries faster and better thereby leading to increased customer happiness.

Look at this: 72% of your customers expect your live response agent to have their contact details, product information, and service history as soon they start conversing without your agent asking them it.

Start Co-Browsing

If you already use live response for your business, then you must be familiar with words like “can you see the question mark button?” or “go to this page, click this, scroll there and copy that”. Well, that will soon be a thing of the past. With co-browsing, you will be able to serve customers and leads that are not tech-savvy seamlessly to get the desired result. Using Co-browsing you can now say bye-bye to “snap and share your screen with me” and “you know what, let me spell it for you”

With co-browsing, you can effectively guide your customers all through a document sharing or even a product launch chat sequence. By integrating co-browsing with live response, you get to see your customer’s screen in real-time and help them resolve their issues faster than ever.

Push the Boundaries, Use Video Chat

Research by T-Sciences highlights that the human brain can process images 60,000 faster than text. Now imagine how fast your leads will process information via video chat. Video chat helps you to deliver your messages faster than text-only or voice alone options can offer. Integrating video chat with live response means more non-verbal communication will be included in your conversation. You get to see the hand movements and facial expressions. The feeling is priceless. It is worth more than emojis can provide

Key Into Their Emotions With Slaask

You can compromise on all things but not customer service. According to AZ Central, the side effects of poor customer experience include: you lose old customers, miss out on signing new customers, your business reputation declines, you lose your employees, profit shrinks and the business dies. You don’t have to follow that path. With Slaask – the customer service app for all Slack users, you can key right into the heart of your leads and customers

Look at this: Motista highlights that customers that are emotionally connected to your business have a 306% higher value and can stay with you for up to 5 years.

Be sure to use Slaask to hit the centre of your leads’ and customers’ hearts today.

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