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What Does Going the Extra Mile Really Mean for Customer Service

What Does Going the Extra Mile Really Mean for Customer Service

Gone are the days when businesses enjoyed a market monopoly. Today, every company is getting fierce competition, and customers are enjoying it. Also, today’s customers are having a higher sense of entitlement. Usual practice no longer cuts it. They want you to go the extra mile. So what does going the extra mile mean to you? Let’s take a ride.

Going the Extra Mile the Taylor Swift Way

Celebrities are fond of going the extra mile by paying tuition fees or giving cash to their fans. In December of 2017, Taylor Swift went the extra mile. She bought a house for one of her fans who was homeless and pregnant. She even provided everything she needed for her new baby. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go about buying homes for your leads.

Simply put, you must learn to listen to your leads. Do they have concerns? What exactly is stopping them from signing up today? Are you running a discount or a promo? You must be willing to share the information that will feel special, comfortable, and feel prompted to do business with you. The goal of going the extra mile the celebrity way is to build loyalty.

Going the Extra Mile the Automobile Way

Car manufacturers ensure their cars go through the most extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold. They test every car for safety in every possible accident scenario. They even try them for long-distance. For instance, during the Dragon Challenge at Heaven’s Gate in China. The Range Rover started the challenge at the bottom of the Tianmen Mountain, which has 99 dizzying turns before climbing the 999 steps to Heaven’s gate, which is at a 45-degree angle. That is how wild you too should be ready to go to convert leads to customers. The goal of going the extra mile the automobile is to build trust.

Going the Extra Mile the eCommerce Way

Online shops are exponentially growing. Almost everything is available for sale online. In fact, it is possible to purchase an extra life; you are most likely to find it online. Two options trending for going the extra mile in eCommerce are ‘Free shipping‘ or ‘Buy this, get that free.’ Back to your business, what are you offering your leads to convert them? It is not just about sending them random messages via chatbot or sending weekly newsletters. There has to be something you are willing to give that is not available online for free. The goal of going the extra mile the eCommerce way is to make leads know you are making a sacrifice to please them

Going the Extra Mile the Slaask Way

The most important way to go the extra mile is through customer service. Customers love to chat. You must be ready to meet them at their convenience. By using Slaask, you can integrate all your channels of communication on a single medium, such that you don’t miss any message. You also get to use the canned message features alongside live chat such that your business is up 24/7.

Be sure to go the extra mile the Slaask way, your leads-turned-customers will thank you for it.


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