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Future Trends: What to expect from the Human Chatbot 

Future Trends: What to expect from the Human Chatbot
The future trends of chatbot sure refer to the future of your business. Why? A study by Oracle highlights that 77% of consumers are fed up with bad customer service. More and more businesses are getting more and more acquainted with the use of a chatbot, but to what effect?

This is 2020, you shouldn’t use a chatbot because everyone is using it. You should use it for business enhancement, you should use it because your customers are waiting to talk to you on all the mediums connected to your chatbot.

That being said, asides the many features of chatbot you are already enjoying, what are the future trends to expect from chatbots

Companion Feature

Remember asking Google for direction or Siri to play a playlist? At the moment, chatbots play the role of a secretary or that of a Personal Assistant. You get to a website and you are welcomed by a personalized chatbot that has a name, shows you the menu, can answer almost all, if not all your queries.

Look at this: In 2017, eMarketer highlighted that over 35.6 million Americans used a voice-activated assistant device at least once a month 

In the future, the story can only get better. A chatbot will actually interact and communicate with voice response rather than use bullet points. It will go beyond what voice-assisted devices like Google, Siri and Amazon can do. Responses will be more instant and yet accurate. Since more and more people are using touch-free devices, the future of chatbot too is fast approaching a touch-free era. The era where voice-assisted devices can open a business website and the business chatbot takes up the job, hold a smart conversation and even strike a deal with you. To put it into perspective, imagine a chatbot that can respond to emails, ask customers for evaluation, act as an intermediary between team members and customers, help users with forgotten passwords and a handful of other activities like signing up new leads.

Customizer Feature

Another basic future of chatbot will be to function as a customizer and this is how it will happen. You get into a website. You answer some personalized questions. Questions could include: who you are? What do you do? What do you want? How much you are willing to commit? And what type of results do you want?

The moment you answer these questions, you get to see the services that suit you and the exact package you need based on your account balance. Next, you get redirected to a team member that suits your query. Impressive right?

Speedster Feature

This is for the big dreamers. If you have dreams of running a big business in the near future, then you must include a chatbot in your plans. Businesses are looking for faster ways to answer queries while increasing their customer base. Having a customer care agent might help. But imagine having 200 customers on the line for different queries? Sounds outrageous right? Well, that is why it is for the big dreamers.

Use Slaask the Cornerstone

Using Slaask as the cornerstone of your customer communication, you get improved chatbot technology that aligns with your business goals and helps you actualize your goals faster while you focus on other departments. The future of chatbot is great, incredible and mind-blowing. Be sure to use Slaask to enjoy these future trends.

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